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Smoothing hydrofoil yacht motion

Hydrofoil sailing yachts often have stability issues like porpoising (an unwanted longitudinal oscillating movement).

This movement can lead to unstable motion, control problems or even a crash. Unlike classical mono or multi-hull yachts, the stability of a hydrofoil yacht is determined by hydrofoil forces. These forces can vary very rapidly and drastically because of deformations of the yacht structure and the hydrofoils themselves. Due to the interaction between deformations and hydrofoil forces, the motion of the yacht can be either smooth and stable or unstable and dangerous.

A careful analysis of the yacht structure and hydrofoil force permits anticipating the yacht dynamic behavior. Thanks to a novel method developed in collaboration with the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne the overall stability envelope of the hydrofoil sailing yacht can be computed.

Based on its strong experience and unique knowhow, Almatech Naval can offer the following expertise:

  • Complete dynamic stability analysis of hydrofoil yacht
  • Definition and optimization of hydrofoil shape
  • Optimization of existing yacht structure based on in-situ measurements

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