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Foil, keel and rudder optimization

Foils, keels and rudders are in fact submarine wings.

Like aircraft wings, these parts are vulnerable to self-feeding and potentially destructive vibration. This phenomenon, known as flutter, has catastrophic consequences at high speed. At low and intermediate speeds, small oscillations are introduced.
This has two side effects:

    1) it increases the drag force of the rudder, foil or keel due to additional vortex generation
    2) it shortens the life span of the part because of fatigue (small but numerous oscillating loads that may lead to rupture of the part).

It is therefore very important to optimize the dynamic behavior of the foils, rudder and keels to minimize deleterious effects due to dynamic phenomena. For composite structures, it is possible to optimize the ply layout for safe drag with minimum vibrations.

Almatech Naval offers the following areas of expertise:

  • Flutter analysis to determine critical yacht speed
  • Ply layout optimization for foils, keels and rudders made of composite structure
  • Profile and material optimization

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