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Building safe and fast ship


Since the ancient civilization, men always dreamed of exploring new lands. For this purpose, they constructed vessels able to transport themselves safely across oceans as fast as possible. Speed was required to bring every seamen on the other shore before all the food was gone, whereas safety was required to survive the unfriendly sea environment.

Today's naval architecture is still ruled by the essential paradigms of safety and speed. Wood, a natural composite material, is replaced by carbon-epoxy composite to provide lighter and stiffer structures. The ship's shape and hull(s) are optimized to reduce water resistance. Finally, designers imagine and build giant, multi-hull ships that can cross oceans, in less than 4 days for the Atlantic, using nothing but wind power.

Together, we can build the next step of this evolution.

Almatech Naval have experience in hydrofoil design, dynamic stability optimization, mass reduction and liability maximization.

Currently, Almatech Naval is under contract with Hydroptère, the world fastest sailing yacht over 500m and 1 nautical mile, to optimize its structure and its dynamic behavior.

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