The CHEOPS mission dedicated to the characterization of exoplanets from which it takes its name is a collaboration between ESA and Switzerland and is the first Swiss lead exploration satellite.
Switzerland is leading an international scientific consortium specialising in research on exoplanets, a field in which Switzerland has excelled for more than 25 years with a very high level of international recognition, this year with the award of the Nobel Prize in Physics to Mr Mayor and Mr Queloz.
This consortium, led by Professor Willy Benz of the University of Bern and director of the national research centre PlanetS, has entrusted Almatech SA with the development of the ultrastable structure of the CHEOPS Telescope, heart of this optical instrument.
As the main industrial partner on this thrilling instrument development, Almatech is very proud of the trust and recognition of the quality of its work expressed by the University of Bern and the European Space Agency.