Our proposition

Space engineering made accessible

For more than 10 years, Almatech has been developing engineering solutions tailored to the requirements of its customers.
We propose to dedicate the skills of our engineering team to help you achieve your goals and contribute to your success.

Why working with us

  • Affordable: we believe that small contributions can make a big difference
  • Flexible : we adapt our team to your needs and budget
  • Engineering with a purpose: we design for an easy production phase and the customer experience in mind, often under-estimated
  • Open collaboration: we see ourselves as partners rather than suppliers

Our competences

Concepts & trade-off

Your need
  • You have a set of requirements but do not know where to start
  • You have an existing solution but you are convinced that there is a smarter way to do the job
  • You want to have an external opinion
  • You have a problem that may have several solutions and you need to select the best one
Our proposition
We carefully review all requirements, propose several solutions, establish the selection criteria and perform the trade-off


Your need
You have a solution / concept and want to make it “fabrication-ready”
Our proposition
We start from your design concept and turn it into a viable solution ready to be produced

Prototyping and Testing

Your need
You want to materialize your idea into a prototype and put it on a test bench
Our proposition
We take care of your R&D project from start to finish: from samples drawings to prototype manufacturing and testing

FEM Analyses

Your need
  • You want to optimize your design but do not have the competences in-house to perform FEA simulations
  • You have a part that keeps failing during the tests but do not want to pay for a full testing campaign with zillions of samples
Our proposition
We start from your CAD model to create a simple or detailed FEM model, then we apply the mechanical / thermal conditions and report the results with concrete propositions for optimization

Project examples


Thermo-elastic analysis of a 120 m long civil engineer structure under fire conditions


Modelling the mechanical response of a large mechanical assembly to vibration during transportation

Consumer Electronics

Design optimization based on Structural FEA for security bracelets


Design development and strength analysis of architectural modules made of recycled PET that can be built tool-free by two people



Fluid-structure simulation for the world’s fastest sailing boat (category D)

Watch Industry


“Almatech understood precisely and quickly what we needed for our project. The FE analysis was carried out at highest standards and the results were well explained and documented. Thanks to the contribution of Almatech, a new base structure was designed which ensures reliable operation and safe transportation of our future machines.”

Samuel Schuler

Head of R&D, Ruggli

“Almatech helped us with design optimization on a critical part of our product, which allowed us to shorten significantly the development time and production costs.”

Vincent Praplan

Head of Hardware Department, Geosatis Technology

“I strongly recommend the competences of the Almatech engineering team in structural and thermal calculations.”

Didier Bourqui

Responsable du service Structure et Géotechnique, Losinger-Marazzi