Almatech SA has been selected by ArianeGroup SAS to develop, manufacture, and test the deployable Landing Legs system of the THEMIS TH1 reusable launcher in the frame of ESA (European Space Agency) Future Launcher Preparatory Program.
In a fast-track, agile and cost-oriented co-engineering development with AGS and ESA, the development of the novel landing legs system was initiated in July 2021 and resulted in the successful integration of the first landing leg system in September 2022! A full set of four Landing Legs will be delivered in summer 2023 and will be used on the planned initial flight tests of the THEMIS reusable launcher from the Kiruna spaceport (SWE)in Kiruna.
The lightweight, gravity -deployed composite structure concept developed by Almatech combines re- usability and low maintenance with overall cost effectiveness.

First T1H Folded landing leg system on its stand-trolley


First T1H Landing leg system during initial unfolding test