Metop-SG Scatterometer Thermal Control Hardware

Almatech Contribution

As part of the Scatterometer (SCA) developd for the Metop-SG programme, Almatech is responsible for the design, development, qualification, manufacturing and verification of all the SCA Antenna System (SAS) thermal control hardware. The project includes the design and production of Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI) blankets, as well as other thermal control components (thermistors, thermal washers, etc).

“The SCA instrument is very impressive by its size and designing the control system is no small task. We had to custom-design the fixations of the MLI blankets to the spacecraft preventing reduced performances of waveguides. In a very challenging planning, we have started the manufacturing of the STM Thermal Control System and we will proceed with its integration on the Carrier Module early 2019. Our customer, Airbus Defense and Space Spain, fully recognizes our flexibility, savoir faire and problem-solving attitude.”

Gianluigi Capo

Almatech Project Manager

About the mission

The Meteorological Operational satellite programme (MetOp) is a European undertaking providing weather data services to monitor the climate and improve weather forecasts. Metop-Second Generation (SG) is the follow-on system that will provide continuity of observations and respond to the needs of the users in the 2021–2040 time frame.

About the payload

The Scatterometer (SCA) is one of the ten instruments developed for the MetOp-SG programme. The aim of the instrument is to provide ocean surface wind vectors and land surface soil moisture. The SCA Antenna Subsystem (SAS) comprises 6 antenna panels which are distributed on 3 antenna assemblies. The total length of the instrument in stowed configuration is 3 meters.

The SCA will be accommodated on the satellite B of MetOp-SG.

The Metop-SG mission (Credit ESA)

meters long

custom MLI fixations

square meters of MLI or MLI layers